Design & Ethics - A meaningful impact at multiple levels.

Those of us who work in design do so because we want to create change, bring something positive to our community, create products that are easier to use, and communicate messages efficiently. But we're not always lucky enough to get to choose which companies or industries we work for, and we often have to put our energy into projects that don't have the kind of impact we're looking for. Having lived through this situation for many years, in this talk I will present some ideas on how to find purpose in what we do, and help us maintain motivation through a more ethical practice of our profession.

The talk will inspire attendees to reflect on the great diversity of actions that we can do in our daily practice to capture an ethical practice of our profession. We will investigate the practices as independent professionals, in large teams, for multinational companies, but also as people inserted in a community.

We will explore opportunities that transcend borders, taking advantage of the possibilities of remote work to form part of teams in multiple geographical locations and with members with different abilities, to maintain meaningful connections with colleagues and to promote an inclusive work environment with a gender perspective and minorities.

In a current context where we face great ethical challenges, where design plays a very important role in promoting excessive consumption or the advancement of industries that do not benefit the planetary balance, through this exhibition I want to present concrete actions to improve practice ethics of our profession, while calling for collective reflection to start a discussion about what else we can do to enhance our positive impact on society from our role in design.

Gabriela Lucia Lorenz

UX Design Director

I am Gabriela Lorenz, a UX Design Director and MBA in Sustainable Business. I’m originally from Argentina, but have lived in Switzerland for the past ten years.

Over the past 15 years I've worked in small web design agencies, startups and large software development companies and corporations, in various set ups helping small and bigger teams to improve their design of digital products. I had the chance to lead multicultural teams in different regions of the world, set up teams remotely and mentored junior colleagues. I’m people's oriented with a gender perspective. I have experience growing designs teams from 2 to +35 people in international locations.

I write in different medium publications and offer online mentorship. I’m an advocate for a more ethical and sustainable design practise.

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